January 31, 2021

Navigating COVID-19 startup supports

Since Government launched several new COVID-19 emergency relief schemes, we have helped tens of founders navigate the at-times complex State funding process on a one-to-one basis. Much of the feedback we’ve received suggests a high degree of confusion amongst founders: Who is offering what supports? What companies are eligible? Where can people find this information?

In recent weeks many webinars have been produced that aim to describe these various supports introduced by Government in response to COVID-19 (we’ve compiled a full list in our COVID-19 Startup Policy Tracker). To help founders wade through the large volume of webinars quicker, we’ve selected three from Enterprise Ireland that should help you get to grips with the available supports:

1. Available HPSU Financial Support

HPSU Founders Forum Insights Part 2: HPSU crisis supports, 3rd April 2020

In this webinar Niall Mc Evoy, Manager HPSU ICT team, Enterprise Ireland speaks to Emer O’Donnell, Programme Manager, Founders Forum about the range of supports available to HPSU companies to get them through this crisis.

Watch this to get a better understanding of:

2. COVID-19 HPSU Financial Supports

HPSU Founders Forum Insights Series - Part 3, 1st May 2020

Another webinar with Niall Mc Evoy, Manager HPSU ICT team, Enterprise Ireland and Emer O’Donnell, Programme Manager, Founders Forum. This time Niall covers the Covid Crisis Supports introduced, and how HPSU companies can access them.

Watch this to get a better understanding of:

3. HPSU Financial Supports for companies operating in the UK

UK Government Covid-19 Supports: For Irish companies with a registered UK presence, 14th April 2020

Deirdre McPartlin, UK Manager, Enterprise Ireland speaks to Gerry Collins, Managing Partner, ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats about the UK Government’s COVID-19 supports. She also addresses the questions Irish companies are asking in relation to these supports.

Watch this to get a better understanding of:

How Scale Ireland is assisting startups through COVID-19

Scale Ireland is continuing to lobby Government to ensure that the available liquidity supports meet the needs of startups. We have also established a dedicated team to offer more hands-on support to startups through our COVID Support Sessions (applications still open).

Are there other questions you have about the available supports not answered above? Next week we’ll be hosting a webinar with Julie Sinnamon (CEO, Enterprise Ireland), looking at specific supports like the Sustaining Enterprise Fund. Please email your questions to us in advance at dave@scaleireland.org.

You can also join Scale Ireland's Founders LinkedIn group or follow us on Twitter to be part of the ongoing conversation.

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