EU Policy for

Scale Ireland is strongly supportive of collaborative projects and research with organisations and international bodies that represent and support tech start-up and scale-up companies.

Scale Ireland supports the European Commission's recommendations in the Start-up Nations Standard, which lists best practice for EU nations to help start-ups to thrive. We strongly welcome Ireland signing the EU's declaration on the Start-up Nations Standard.

Scale Ireland also joined leading European founders, start-ups, investors and organisations to endorse the #NotOptional initiative in support of the Start-up Nations Standard.

Our EU Partners

Scale Ireland collaborates with international organisations working together to promote and advocate on behalf of start-up and scale-up companies.

Scale Ireland is an active member of Allied for Startups, the worldwide network of more than 45 representative organisations which are located across four continents.

Scale Ireland is also a member of the European Startup Network, which represents 24 national start-up organisations across the EU.

EU Events

#NotOptional - 'Making Europe the Most Entrepreneurial Continent'

Index Ventures and Slush brought together founders, investors, ecosystem builders and policy builders late last year to discuss the practical steps that Europe must take to become the best place to start and grow world changing start-ups.

The Founding CEO of Scale Ireland, Liz McCarthy, took part in a high-level panel discussion about Share Option schemes across Europe. Liz discussed the Ireland's Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) scheme in comparison to other share option schemes across Europe.

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