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Scale Ireland provides resources, supports, information and a platform on Slack for founders to learn, build and grow together.

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A place that encourages peer-to-peer learning and the exchange of information and news about the latest resources and supports available for our entrepreneurs.

1 - Announcements

The place to share new product launches, community updates or the latest industry news.

2 - Introductions

The place to say hello to the community with an elevator pitch and get to know everyone.

3 - Events

The channel to share the latest upcoming events, conferences, office hours & webinars .

4 - Networking

A channel where people are introduced for a meeting once a week.

5 - Help

The place where you can reach out and receive help with your start-up problems.

6 - Resources

A place to post favourite books, podcasts, PDFs & video content, and discover the latest community perks.

7 - Talent

A place to connect - great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team.

8 - Finance

A place to discuss the latest funding opportunities, grants and help plan your funding roadmap.

9 - Perks

Discounts & deals from our partners to help start-ups scale affordably.

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Expert Sessions

Learn from the veterans of the sector and see how you can grow your start-up.

This webinar features keynote speaker Mark Barry, Head of EMEA Startups & SMBs at Stripe, Liz Fulham, CEO of SalesOptimize and Brian Caulfield, Chair of Scale Ireland. The event is introduced by Martina Fitzgerald, CEO of Scale Ireland and hosted by Luke Rynne Cullen, Marketing & Community Lead of Scale Ireland and was broadcast from Dogpatch Labs, Dublin.

This webinar features keynote speaker Christopher Abboud, Head of International Communications at Stripe. The event is introduced by Martina Fitzgerald, CEO of Scale Ireland and hosted by Luke Rynne Cullen, Marketing & Community Lead of Scale Ireland.

Start-Ups Stories

Learn more about the Irish founders starting and scaling up companies, showcasing their positive impact on the Irish economy and beyond.

Peter Coppinger is Co-Founder and CEO of Teamwork, which is a project management software company with over 24,000 customers and 240 staff working across eighteen countries. Their clients include Disney, Spotify, PayPal and Netflix. Peter and his Teamwork Co-Founder, Daniel Mackey, were named EY Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 in Ireland. Peter is a member of Scale Ireland’s Steering Group.

Lizzy Hayashida, Founder & CEO of Change Donations, which helps charities fundraise through microdonations. Lizzy spent 8 years working on new product innovation at early stage start-ups and large tech companies in Silicon Valley before moving to Dublin to complete her MBA at Trinity College Dublin. She was an early employee of (acquired by eBay) and went on to launch the first same-day delivery programme for eBay.