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Scale Ireland has founded a Working Group to focus on environmental sustainability within Scale Ireland as an organisation, as well as promoting sustainability as a best practice within the start-up tech sector. We want to become an environmentally friendly organisation in terms of our values, practices and actions, and objectives.

By bringing together passionate and committed individuals, Scale Ireland has identified its goals in relation to sustainability which includes adopting best practice in relation to carbon neutrality and environmentally sustainable practices, as well as promoting these best practices to members, stakeholders and sectoral players.

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Budget 2022 Sustainability Proposals

The Alliance for an Innovation Driven Recovery, of which Scale Ireland is a member wants to ensure that start-up and scale-up companies have the opportunity to pursue best practices in relation to sustainability. To achieve this, we have made the following proposals which will involve a cost in terms of resources for Enterprise Ireland.

  1. To explore the possibility of the Alliance and Enterprise Ireland working together to help educate HPSUs to form a sustainability agenda, which should be aligned with the UN SDGs.
  2. To promote best practice in the sector, Enterprise Ireland could establish a Sustainability for Growth Programme. This would involve early stage start-ups who receive Enterprise Ireland funding, gaining access and participating in the programme. As part of this initiative, the Alliance and Enterprise Ireland could work together to help start-ups learn about KPIs in general and also in relation to sustainability.
  3. Enterprise Ireland to publicly promote best practice with a clear sustainability statement, with specific targets in line with SDGs.
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Martina Fitzgerald, CEO Scale Ireland

Secretariat and Policy Research:
Niamh McLoughlin, Scale Ireland

Bryan Maybury, Founder & CEO, Bibio Consultants Ltd
Bryan is passionate about helping drive forward the sustainability/ESG agenda. Bibio works with technology-oriented businesses targeting exponential growth, executives seeking strategic advice, research centres and universities wishing to monetize their innovation, and support agencies to these entities. Previously, Bryan was a key executive in building and exiting three software companies via acquisition, including Macalla Software where he was co-founder and Commercial Director. He’s an adjunct teaching fellow at the Trinity College Dublin Business School.

David Scanlon, Director, Resolve Partners
Resolve Partners helps inspire, guide, challenge, and coach leaders in Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship to deliver remarkable outcomes. Resolve Partners is working with Bord na Móna’s new  "Accelerate Green" programme, the first accelerator in Ireland dedicated to scaling companies who are leading the response to climate action and sustainability. David also publishes SDG Alpha, a fortnightly newsletter that casts an Irish lens on the world of Impact Investment, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Mick O’Dwyer, CEO & Founder, SwiftComply
SwiftComply provides compliance management software to over 450 water & wastewater authorities across the world, helping them protect human health and the environment for over 50 million citizens.

Raquel Noboa, CEO & Founder, Fifty Shades Greener
Fifty Shades Greener is the leading education company for green environmental training. Our training courses are licensed and are provided to governments, public agencies and universities to promote sustainability.

Ahmad Mu'azzam, CEO & CoFounder, Evocco
Evocco is a mobile app which empowers consumers to eat within planetary boundaries. It does this by helping them to track the climate impact of their food purchases, improve their impact through personalised tips and recommendations, and offset to make their purchases carbon neutral.

Karena Walshe, Global Partnerships Director, Web Summit.
Karena is passionate about the environment, and works to bring innovative green-tech companies to conferences around the world. Web Summit will showcase tech solutions to the planet’s biggest challenges, including ocean degradation, energy systems and sustainable design on the planet:tech track in Lisbon this November.

Donal Quinn, Founder, ENSO Initiatives
ENSO Initiatives is making sustainability accessible to businesses by helping them to create and implement a sustainability strategy. It also  adds value to businesses by connecting them with customers, engaging employees and building brand awareness.

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